Lakota east honors diploma requirements


Requirements: You must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program and have at least two academic years (4 semesters) left in order to be eligible. GPA of 3.5 or higher. S lightly lower. It is intended for students who have already completed their four math requirements. CCP Lakota Honors Math More Details Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Aerobics I This course focuses on cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance activities in which the participant is training in his/her target heart rate zone for at least 30 minutes daily. A State Minimum Standards Diploma may be awarded to any student who completes the state minimum required units of study as defined by Ed 306.27 (l) as listed below. A total minimum.
woman holding wine and cheese with two bags which say 'full of cheese' and 'full of wine'


96. Algebra II. 98. Average. 90.8. This student earned a Regents Diploma with Honors. The student's computed average equals 90 (65 + 100 + 95 + 96 + 98 = 454; 454/4 = 90.8). The additional math Regents exam represents the pathway for this student; therefore, the average is based on the 5 Regents exam scores. Greeted visitors and answered questions about program, requirements and opportunities. Met with other volunteers and program leaders to discuss new service opportunities. Coordinated food, clothing and household items for individuals and families. Engaged in community outreach to aid program mission centered on community support and enrichment.




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